Atomicite Profonde Poetry LE 2 TO LE 20

Acrylic and ink on canvas

Framed size is 49 inches W by 33 H

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The title of this artwork is Atomicite Profonde Poetry.
I originally painted this in 1989 while beginning the first year of my university studies for a Master of Fine Arts degree (awarded in 1992).   After working mainly in photography and silkscreen techniques, I decided to go back to my earlier paintings.
I continued to work on this painging and added the sketch of the bridge. This was to become one of the major pieces of a solo show in 2015.
The theme represents Poetry in a cityscape, with lovely and vibrant colors, such as:
Coral, fuchsia, dark turquoise and charcoal.
This work is Acrylic and ink on Aluminum-Framed 49 inches W by 33 High.


SKU: 32214 LE 2 TO LE 20