EN POINTE-332176-Woven Tapestry-42H X 32W

EN POINTE woven tapestry / tapisserie tissée

tapisserie tissée en coton/woven tapestry 37H x 29L

EN POINTE woven tapestry / tapisserie tissée

Cette oeuvre “EN POINTE” est une tapisserie tissée en coton/This is a hand woven Jacquard tapestry in cotton and bamboo yarn.
Les dimensions sont 37 pouces de haut par 29 pouces de large/This tapestry measures 37 inches H x 29 wide.

This professional ballet dancer posed for a group of photographers including myself.

Then I made a colored sketch from photo and created a weave file with different weave patterns in each color section.


sku file:#332176